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Refund or Credit Information


If a shipment is visibly damaged, refuse delivery and notify us that it is being returned by the carrier. 

If there is hidden damage, contact us for information on how to resolve the issue. 

If we sent the wrong merchadise, contact us for instructions on how to return it at our cost and information on how quickly we can get you the correct item.

If you ordered the wrong item, please contact us for information on how to return it--at your cost.  We will refund the amount for the merchandise as long as it is undamaged and in the original packing, acceptable for resale. 

In the event the wrong merchandise was ordered we DO NOT refund shipping costs as shipping can not be resold! 

While we offer "free shipping" we know what the cost was to send it to you and we expect YOU to take responsibility for owning your own mistakes.  That means that YOU will pay for the return AND we will deduct the original shipping cost thet we paid to send the item(s) to you.  Please understand that "free shipping" is ALWAYS included in the price someplace on EVERY site.  There is NO free lunch (or really "free" shipping  -- you ARE paying for it somehow!

We appreciate your business and will work with you to resolve problems, but we strive to get you the merchandise in good condition, with no problems in the first place.  If there are problems we want to hear about them so they can be resolved to everyones satisfaction.  THANK YOU for your business!

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