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Chromatics Set (SKU: BWCG)Chromatics Set (SKU: BWCG)Five note standard Boomwhackers® octave. Don't forget--my prices include FREE SHIPPING to the "lower 48." Compare these to others that sell for about $17.00 PLUS shipping--that usually runs the total to around $23.00. Be a SMART shopper!
C Major Diatonic Scale Set (SKU: BWDG)C Major Diatonic Scale Set (SKU: BWDG)This is the most popular set for people who do not purchase the XTS package.
Treble Extension Set (SKU: BWEG)Treble Extension Set (SKU: BWEG)Higher notes to expand the range of play.
C Major Bass Diatonic Set (SKU: BWJG)C Major Bass Diatonic Set (SKU: BWJG)This is a set of seven (7) notes from C to B that can combine with the standard Diatonic set to give a two octave range of possibilities!
Bass Chromatics Set (SKU: BWKG)Bass Chromatics Set (SKU: BWKG)Five sharps and flats forming the bass octave. Combiine with the Bass or Chromatics set for more musical adventures! Don't forget--my prices include FREE SHIPPING to the "lower 48." While others may charge as much as $33.00--PLUS shipping (usually $8 to $10 dollars) we stand by our price--be a SMART shopper!
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